DIY HVAC Maintenance Mistakes Could Be Costly to Homeowners

Celestial Air HVAC cautions homeowners against do-it-yourself HVAC system repairs which may result in damage to the system resulting in more costly repairs.

Celestial Air HVAC, a leading provider of HVAC services in northern New Jersey, asks homeowners to consider the risks before taking on a do-it-yourself (DIY) project for an HVAC system.

DIY is quite common among homeowners as it is considered more cost-effective than hiring a professional repairman. It does not matter how simple the DIY project is, it may end up costing you money if mistakes are made. With the more advanced HVAC systems that have electronic components, this is especially important to take into consideration when contemplating a DIY repair.

Tom Khater, owner of Celestial Air HVAC, commented that DIY projects are not new for most homeowners. “Many homeowners will try to fix something that seems simple without thinking about the consequences. One mistake could cause increased repair costs for homeowners.”

Khater outlines some DIY mistakes homeowners may make:

1. You may think that forgetting to replace filters isn’t a major mistake regarding HVAC maintenance, but the cost could be considerable. Filters clogged with dirt and dust force the system to work harder to compensate for obstructions. If this continues, the unit may be damaged.

2. Some will try to fix units with parts that don’t fit well. The reason this can be problematic is that some components are built specifically for certain applications or projects, so it’s important to ensure you use the right part for the job.

3. Not knowing how to reassemble the unit. One of the most common mistakes when DIY’ing is forgetting how to put everything back together.

4. Installing a programmable thermostat incorrectly. Programmable thermostats are a marvel, but when installed improperly, they can lead to damage of the thermostat and system. This will result in more extensive repairs.

It is better to hire a professional to do your HVAC repairs. By the end of the day, you’ll probably pay less than for a complete system repair necessitated by a well-intentioned, but ill-advised DIY repair.

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