DIY Drug Addiction Recovery Break Habit Loops Stop Cravings Program Showcased

A powerful online drug addiction recovery program has been showcased on the Common Sense 321 resource site. Visitors will be able to learn about the effective solution to breaking habit loops and improving self control.

Common Sense 321 has showcased Truth Of Addiction, a DIY drug addiction recovery online program that can help people to manage their addictive behavior. The program was developed as a result of the latest research, and shows a new approach to overcoming addiction.

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The latest research shows that addiction is not a disease, and more individuals are able to stop their addiction without a clinic or expensive rehab center. By following the program, members are able to break habit loops, stop cravings and gain more self control.

New research from neuroscientists forms the basis for the Truth of Addiction course. The DIY drug addiction program offers tips on how to re-wire the brain, which individuals can use themselves to break free from habit loops and manage cravings.

Carl L Hart is an associate professor of psychology at Columbia University, and the author of “High Price: A Neuroscientists Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society.”

Writing in The New York Times, he emphasized that there has been a narrow focus on addiction as a biologically based disease. However, as he studied drug use in people, he became convinced that it was a behavior that could be changed.

This line of thinking has since become more mainstream, and thanks to the latest research, addicts can better manage their own addictive or obsessive thoughts.

An online program like Truth of Addiction offers huge cost savings for addicted individuals, because they don’t have to pay for expensive rehab center treatments. By focusing their attention on results-backed DIY approaches to overcoming drug addiction, they can save time and energy while getting effective results.

Many three-month alcohol addiction programs cost the individual $5,000, while inpatient drug programs can cost between $14,000 and $27,000 for a 30-day treatment solution. This expense can be avoided where individuals are able to manage their addiction themselves.

The Common Sense 321 showcase highlights how Truth of Addiction can provide a shift of perspective for anyone dealing with addiction. Examples of addictions that can be stopped include weed or other drug dependency, smoking, alcohol, porn, gambling, sweets, Internet, or depressive thoughts.

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