DivorceProtector™ teaches men what net dollar loses really mean – devastation.

DivorceProtector™ can save men thousands of dollars in determining net dollar distributions. The book DivorceProtector™ and buyers private coaching services will assist men in the divorce process.

DivorceProtector shows men step by step how to realistically calculate the value of marital property. This is so important since the couple will be splitting net after tax dollars. The books author Thaddeus Thorn stated, “Many people do not understand that a $100,000 divorce loss may have taken the man over twenty years or longer to accumulate. How is he ever going to replace a loss of that size? He will not, that would take another working life time. https://www.divorceprotector.com

Calculating unearned return from longer term investments can be utterly devastating. For example as occurs many times in America men may chose since they have the skills to remodel or even finish out a new construction. There are times when the labor involved may exceed several hundred thousand dollars. This is done with the couple expecting to recapture those efforts 10, 15 or 20 years into the future. But what happens if a divorce takes place?

Most court systems will not count those construction efforts as part of the liquidation distribution what so ever. This means that the man’s labor efforts will not be deducted and paid to him prior to a split distribution. DivorceProtector goes into detail how devastating this scenario can become with the ex-spouse actually being paid half or more of the man’s labor. These and many other reasons are why men should seek to settle this dispute outside of the court system in an agreeable fashion. But if placed into a vindictive situation men must understand what is really at stake. “Unfortunately”, Thorn said, “for some couples divorce is a manipulated business opportunity where one spouse or the other is actually placed into a found money position. This is unfortunate and down right evil in many cases”.

DivorceProtector goes into detail about how to assess the actual valuations that will occur in a trial scenario and how to use this information to a settlement advantage for men. Saving mankind one husband at a time! https://www.divorceprotector.com

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