DivorceProtector™ teaches men critical self-protection techniques and tactics.

DivorceProtector™ teaches men which potentially dangerous and compromising situations to avoid during the divorce process. DivorceProtector™ saving mankind one husband at a time.

DivorceProtector the e-book and the separately sold “The First 24 to 72 Hours” establishes ironclad actions men must take to protect themselves personally, legally and financially. The books author Thaddeus Thorn said, “Not every spouse is vindictive but if a man runs into that situation one slip up meeting or single error can land him in jail or worse. DivorceProtector explains how wise council saved one husband from that exact fate and how intelligence operations prevented what could have been a direct threat on his life. Men have to be totally dialed in to keep themselves from being setup when someone is vindictive or mentally unstable”. https://www.divorceprotector.com

Lawyers can only help a man on the legal issues of the case. A man’s personal and mental safety are totally left up to him. These are extremely stressful and emotional times one bad decision can effect the rest of a man’s life or end it!. DivorceProtector lays down some hard ground rules that one must follow to minimize risks to a man’s personal safety.

The author and contributors of DivorceProtector are men whose butts were on the chopping block. They know who will be carrying the lion’s share of the water personally, monetarily and emotionally. They are experienced and seasoned professionals some having appeared as expert witnesses enduring multi-day federal depositions. In short, they are everything the attorney is not. They are the PLAYERS. The WINNERS and LOSERS. Legal events over their careers have had profound and direct impacts upon their lives. “Avoid our mistakes, tears and pain”, said the e-books author Thaddeus Thorn.

DivorceProtector the e-book and the emergency action plan chapter 2, “The First 24 to 72 Hours” action plan sold separately provide direct actions men must take to either settle a divorce or go to trial. Our motto is “Saving mankind one husband at a time” and we are serious about it! https://www.divorceprotector.com

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