DivorceProtector™ emphasizes the importance of non-violence in a divorce.

DivorceProtector's emphasis on non-violence is critical to create integrity with judges and attorneys. Saving mankind one husband at a time! https://www.divorceprotector.com

DivorceProtector chapter one “Sans Violence” or “No Violence” is a main theme of this new e- book. The author Thaddeus Thorn forcefully stated that “Building a record of assault, stalking or harassment in the police archives virtually assures you will not receive benefit of doubt by any self-respecting judge(s) in a courtroom anywhere! Therefore, a very strong warning against the use of such barbarism – “DO NOT DO IT.” A man’s success in a family court trial is predicated on his ability to receive the judge’s benefit of doubt. A single mistake will wreck the most well conceived plan.

The importance of avoiding a trial situation is another goal of the e-book. But if faced with a vindictive situation or out right hostility the book goes into detail teaching a man step by step how to prepare for trial. https://www.divorceprotector.com

DivorceProtector attempts to provide you with advantageous tactics that lawyers/attorneys will not tell you and in many cases do not know or have experience effecting. The e-book attempts to mitigate some of the typically intolerable and detrimental actions that spouses use against one another. Divorce Protector will not and does not offer any type of legal advice. The author and collaborators are not lawyers/attorneys or members of the family court system in any jurisdiction and make no claims to that effect. This e-book offers strategies for the sole purpose of getting you through the divorce process while maintaining control and ownership of as much of your personal wealth as possible. Make no mistake, you will not go through this process without some type of loss whether it is financial, emotional or both. Unfortunately, for most men it is a double hammer.

DivorceProtector and chapter two “The First 24 to 72 Hours” step by step action plan sold separately will be invaluable in moving men through the legal path resolving this life altering experience. This is the only teaching e-book written by ex-husbands for husbands! https://www.divorceprotector.com Saving mankind one husband at a time.

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