Distributor Offers Boxes of Hand Sanitizer Directly to Families as Covid Surges

Online wholesale distributor launches its newest campaign, a box of pocket-sized 99.9% germ-killing hand sanitizer gel bottles directly to families encouraging them to stock up as the virus surges.

Online distributor Whole Plant Direct is committed to making hand sanitizer gel available absolutely everywhere. They recently launched their new “Be Sure, Be Protected” campaign which offers hand sanitizer below at below wholesale prices directly to families and groups of all sorts.

More information can be found at wholeplantdirect.com.

Whole Plant Direct’s newest launch comes at an opportune time as schools and businesses struggle to reopen in many parts of the US. This campaign encourages buyers to stock up ahead of the projected winter covid-19 surge by offering bulk boxes containing 72 pocket-sized bottles of hand sanitizer. This helps parents and teachers to take charge of their children’s protection, given that the availability of hand sanitizer and other essential supplies may vary greatly among different school districts or from school to school.

Their sanitizing gel is made with 75% ethyl alcohol, which is more potent than many of its brand-name counterparts, exceeding the CDC’s 60% alcohol recommendation for effective hand sanitizing. The skin-friendly formula kills 99.9% of disease-causing germs and is packed with the moisturizers Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to prevent skin dryness. Customer reviews frequently mention its pleasant citrus fragrance as a primary reason for re-ordering. Available in conveniently sized 2 ounce bottles, which fit comfortably in a pocket or purse, it’s the perfect size for families on-the-go.

Currently, the company offers their bulk products to various businesses including offices, retail establishments, medical facilities, restaurants, event planners, churches, and ride-sharing services. With offices in Chicago and Miami, they ship free to any point in the US within a couple of days. The company has received excellent reviews from buyers. One such customer shares, “Buying a box of 72 smaller bottles was the best decision. My husband, the kids and I are never out. I gave a handful of bottles to my cousins and to the next-door neighbors. They call me the Hand Sanitizer Queen.” Another customer notes how he will “never pay retail again.”

According to a selection of quotes from Morning Consult’s website, Tinglong Dai, of Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University said, “Installing more hand sanitizers around businesses is ‘low-hanging fruit.” And Anthony Santella, AP of Public Health at Hofstra University added “Hand sanitizer to me is a no-brainer, especially if you’re talking about a physical location that has bathrooms or high volume of traffic of people coming in and out…it’s a safety measure that has relatively low cost.” This simple messaging was the motivation behind the company’s latest campaign.

With their recent announcement, Whole Plant Direct is empowering parents, educators, and families to take the lead on their own protection — making it easy and affordable for children and the adults they frequently interact with to have a mask and hand sanitizer with them at all times. A company representative stated, “We’re taking a stand against COVID-19 and we’re bringing peace of mind to moms, dads, and grandparents and teachers everywhere. We’re also proud that a portion of our proceeds go to support first responders.”

For more information, visit wholeplantdirect.com.

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