Distance Economy Hiring Tips – Cultivating Candidate Relationships Guide Launch

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GoodTime has released a report on best-practices hiring in the distance economy, centered on the cultivation of stronger candidate relationships.

GoodTime has released the guide in an effort to educate both prospective job seekers and HR teams on the primacy of effective communication, transparency, and the candidate’s well-being. With the absence of in-person relationships, genuine connections need to be forged as part of the hiring process.

More information can be found at https://www.goodtime.io/blog/how-to-cultivate-great-candidate-relationships-in-the-distance-economy

The latest report, entitled “How to Cultivate Great Candidate Relationships in the Distance Economy” proposes solutions to the problems inherent in remote hiring: the difficulty in establishing the kinds of meaningful connections that might signal a candidate’s suitability and prospects for a successful tenure.

Almost 60% of the total U.S. workforce is now remote. Over 80% of managers believe that the surge in remote work triggered by the pandemic will become the new standard. Indeed, three-quarters of respondents in one study claimed that having the choice to work remotely would make them less inclined to leave a particular company. Most employees claim to be more productive when working remotely, and one study showed that almost 95% of managers agree that productivity is either the same or higher.

The GoodTime report determines that talent leaders should begin cultivating genuine relationships with each candidate from the very onset of the hiring process: this includes candid conversations on job compensation from the beginning. In fact, in one study cited in the report, almost 65% of candidates state that recruiters fail to effectively communicate in remote hiring.

One way to remedy this is to keep lines of communication open, taking the time to make candidates feel valued and respected. Today’s talent pool is looking for more collaborative – and less top-down – exchanges where they play an equal role in the conversation. For example, recruiters can discuss the policies they have in place to support employees’ work/life balance and larger wellness concerns.

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GoodTime enhances the candidate experience by automating interview scheduling and interviewer training, as well as analyzing recruiting process metrics and providing actionable insights. A company’s recruitment team may use GoodTime to successfully predict internal hiring trends, reduce time to hire by half, and significantly increase the productivity of their recruiting coordinator team.

One customer of the company’s scheduling tool commented: “The GoodTime team has been incredible to partner with in helping to roll out and customize the product. The product itself frees up time for our team members to be more high-touch in our candidate experience, and so we can focus our time on projects that improve efficiency and processes.”

The full report can be seen at https://www.goodtime.io/blog/how-to-cultivate-great-candidate-relationships-in-the-distance-economy

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