Disposable Waterproof PPE Fluid Resistant Plastic Protective Gowns Launched

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Ultimate Deals announced the launch of a blue PPE upper-body and clothing protection gown line by Perfect Life Ideas, with worldwide online availability.

Ultimate Deals has announced the launch of new disposable PPE gowns by Perfect Life Ideas, available online worldwide. The protective isolation gowns are suited for adults of all ages working in domestic labor as well as beauty and food industries, preventing cross-contamination with protection from fluids, bodily contact, and infectious materials.

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The announcement of newly launched one-piece disposable gowns comes as employees and workers are provided with simple and effective personal protection in non-medical settings such as kitchens, schools, supermarkets, salons, gardens, food trucks and construction sites.

The breathable single-use gowns are designed in universal sizes for customers in the USA as well as across the globe. Their waterproof polyethylene plastic material provides protection from substances, germs, droplets and chemicals from the neck down.

Further, the manufacturer describes the industrial-grade gowns as easy to both put on and take off, with a closed-front, open-back design and apron-style necks. Thumbholes on each side of the cuffs prevent the long sleeves from sliding up, assuring full upper-body coverage and clothing protection as low as the knees.

They are available to order in bulk with 100 disposable pieces, or in packs of six. Since they can be quickly thrown away after use, this reduces over time the amount of linens and materials necessary to wash and maintain.

Customers can benefit from the equipment in a variety of settings. The high-quality gowns are fluid and mess resistant, ideally suited for use by both male and female staff in waste management as well as butcher shops, hairdressers, and labs. Acting as a barrier against paint and dry articles such as sanding dust and powders, they can also be utilized for residential and commercial decorating or construction projects.

“The gowns offer simple and fast protection of the body and clothes,” said a company spokesperson. “There’s no need to clean or wash them – simply throw them away at the end of the day, along with the mess that goes with them.”

With the latest announcement, workers in a wide range of industries the world over continue to receive necessary personal protection with an emphasis on lightweight comfort and convenience.

Interested parties are invited to visit the URL here https://www.amazon.com/100-Adult-Disposable-Isolation-Gowns/dp/B08JL12845 for more information about the newly available disposable PPE gowns.

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