Discover Health and Wellness–Changing lives in Colorado for over 18 years.

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Discover Health and Wellness cares about their patients, and makes sure to go above and beyond in every interaction. Trust them with your wellness care!

Discover Health and Wellness has been in practice for 18 years, and during this time they have been able to determine underlying causes for most health issues that patients present with. By looking at all the areas that could impact your health, Discover Health and Wellness make sure that they have a complete picture to properly treat you.

Discover Health and Wellness takes a holistic approach, ensuring that a patient is able to feel confident that all areas of concern are addressed and handled properly. This helps them completely live up to their mission of improving patients lives. They understand that your body is made up of multiple systems that have to be reviewed and addressed in order to make sure you feel the best that you can. In order to make sure your body is functioning properly, these systems must work together in harmony. Discover Health and Wellness looks at three different causes that can affect your health. These three causes are stress, chemical toxicity, and undetected nerve damage.

Stress, while a natural reaction to life experiences, is on the rise in most people’s lives especially now. Chronic stress is something that affects as many as 48% of Americans, leading to a central nervous system and adrenal glands that are taxed. Stress impacts sleep, digestion, hormones, and immunity which can lead to weight gain, allergy issues, and impact on heart function. Discover Health and Wellness offers nutrition support combined with supplements and therapeutic massage that can offer instant and continuous stress relief. Toxins surround us: they’re in our air, our food, and our water supply. These toxins bury themselves into your body which then surrounds them in a layer of fat to keep them stored. These toxins can affect our body by leading to a variety of health issues and concerns.

Discover Health and Wellness offers a variety of support to remove toxins from your body. This begins with a nutritional cleansing program and ends with continuous support to help you minimize the amount of toxins in your environment. Nerve damage can occur in a variety of ways: anything from an accident to poor posture can affect you physically. Over time, this undetected nerve damage can lead to major problems and affect almost all aspects of your life. By offering both comprehensive exams and custom tailored plans, Discover Health and Wellness makes sure that all of your health problems are addressed appropriately.

The best part of Discover Health and Wellness is that they offer a wellness orientation workshop for every new patient. This workshop will inform you not just about disease prevention but about your treatment plan and how to get the most out of your care.

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