Discounted Whiteboard Explainer Video Animation Services For Businesses Launched

Sidekick Sales Videos announced a big discount on customized animated video production services for startups and small businesses looking to boost their customer base with engaging video content.

Sidekick Sales Videos, a boutique video animation company, has recently announced they are offering whiteboard explainer video animation services at a 50% discount in order to help small businesses.

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The latest announcement by Sidekick Sales Videos is aimed at helping businesses of all sizes produce customized videos to drive home their sales message.

Whiteboard explainer videos are known to be popular across online platforms as they offer the advantage of breaking down complex concepts into information that is more easily understood. The artistic aspect of these videos has also been known to make them more engaging than traditional advertisements.

Sidekick Sales Videos creates customized explainer videos for businesses by overseeing the entire process from compiling scripts to animation to professional voice-overs. The company delivers the finished product within 14 days.

The production process entails filling a brief questionnaire before copywriters at Sidekick Sales Videos get to work on delivering an appealing script. Music, voice, and animation are then added to the mix with the overall aim of highlighting the key aspects of the product or service.

Businesses have the option of choosing videos with a duration of 30, 60, or 90 seconds. A dedicated product manager is assigned to each video and businesses can also request edits.

With the latest announcement, Sidekick Sales Videos is looking to capitalize on its popularity among prominent brands and reach out to startups, small and medium-sized firms seeking to navigate the tough business environment that has arisen out of the current pandemic.

A satisfied client said: “When I received the first version of the video, it was spot on and the final version was exactly what we expected. They have a great eye for details and great design skills.”

Interested parties can find more information and take advantage of their 50% discount on the whiteboard explainer video animation services by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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