Disability Disclosure Successful Interview Process Evaluation Report Released

Disabled Person, Inc has published a new report that outlines the issues and offers advice for people wondering if they should disclose their disability during an interview.

Disabled Person, Inc. has released its newest report, which examines the issues disabled people face regarding disclosing their disability when attending an interview.

More information is available at https://www.disabledperson.com/blog/posts/should-i-mention-my-disability-in-an-interview-the-quesiton-continues-to-be-relevant-in-2020

The report from Disabled Person, Inc. offers insight into the question many disabled people face when applying and attending interviews of whether to disclose their disability. It also advises on preparing for an interview, talking to companies regarding a disability, and what to do following an interview.

Disclosing a disability to a potential employer can be a tricky decision to make, as there are many examples of discrimination despite it being against the law for companies to do so. Due to this, many people may feel they don’t wish to disclose their disability, fearing it might hinder their application.

Disabled Person, Inc. suggests that disclosing a disability in an interview can put both the interviewee and interviewer at ease, allowing questions about the disability to be dealt with early on and moving the interview towards the candidate’s qualities for the role.

The report from Disabled Person, Inc. also considers the side of the interviewer who, due to ADA regulations, is not allowed to ask about a disability outright during an interview. This factor can cause an uncomfortable interview process as they may be curious about the disability, especially if it is visible.

Disclosing a disability that might require accommodations from the potential employer also allows them to assist more readily in the event the interview is successful, making it beneficial to make them aware sooner.

Disabled Person, Inc. understands that some people may feel that disclosing their disability early on might negatively affect their applications. The report considers this but suggests that the disability can be used in a positive light.

The report states that many people with disabilities have had to adapt and overcome many struggles in environments that aren’t always ideal. This strength of character gives people a flexibility and motivation that is often lacking in many candidates, with resilience being an essential skill companies look for in employees.

Disabled Person, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a public charity organization aiming to help people with disabilities find employment by offering assistance in building resumes, searching for jobs, and giving advice.

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