Disability Disclosure During Job Interview – ADA Guide For Applicants Launched

A newly updated disability disclosure guide for job seekers has been launched by disABLEDperson. They strive to alleviate pressure during the job seeking process for disabled applicants.

A newly updated guide to job interviews for disabled candidates has been launched by the disABLEDperson site. They are a charitable organization and offer in-depth resources and information with a view to helping more disabled people to find employment.

More information can be found at: https://www.disabledperson.com/blog/posts/should-i-mention-my-disability-in-an-interview-the-quesiton-continues-to-be-relevant-in-2020

The newly launched guide covers disclosure of information related to disability during a job interview. This can be a stressful or worrisome experience for job applicants, and disabled job seekers often wonder how they should reveal their disability.

While ADA law means that no one is required to disclose their disability, the employer isn’t required to make accommodations for disabled staff if they don’t know about the situation.

In addition to this, disabled job applicants often wonder about the discriminatory nature of the interview process. It’s illegal for anyone to discriminate against a disabled worker on the basis of a disability. However, data shows that some employers will still hold prejudiced views that could impact the hiring process.

This can lead disabled applicants to wonder whether or not they should disclose their disability during the interview process at all. However, as detailed in the new guide from disABLEDperson, mentioning the disability can put both parties at ease. Furthermore, it can often help more than hinder the applicant.

One of the benefits of raising this point is that it underscores a level of confidence that can be seen as an advantageous trait during the interview. Confidence is often sought in the workplace, and taking action on this matter during the interview process could lead to more success.

Contrasting this, for those trying to avoid the issue, many of the ensuing interview questions could become difficult to answer. The disABLEDperson guide aims to make the entire process of disclosing a disability in the workplace easier.

A spokesperson for the organization states: “Employers are always looking for flexible employees who have no problems adjusting to the workplace. You may be thinking that your disability puts you at a disadvantage on this front but it doesn’t.”

Full details can be found at: https://www.disabledperson.com

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