Disability Attorney Aids Recent California Fire Victims

Ray Bourhis Associates is a San Francisco-based law firm that exclusively represents long term disability and catastrophic loss policyholders who have been denied coverage by their insurance companies.

San Francisco, CA—Ray Bourhis Associates are extending their legal service to victims of the recent California wildfire. The Delta Fire is currently moving through 600,000 acres of land and impacting thousands of people who need to evacuate. Many of these home and business owners might be denied the catastrophic loss coverage they need to recover from this fire, and therefore, Ray Bourhis and his associates are devoting their practice to protecting those being denied coverage.

With a reputation as a highly specialized long-term disability law firm, Ray Bourhis has spent his career serving California citizens who have received bad faith insurance claim denials or underpayment. The firm boasts the most successful case win record of any law firm in this specific sector and has taken on a range of clients with private insurance such as medical professionals, doctors, financial CEOs, and business owners.

Throughout their 40 years of practice, Ray Bourhis Associates have encouraged clients not to settle for underpaid or lacking coverage and instead demand appropriate payments from their insurers. Ray Bourhis achieves his legal success because of his personalized attention towards clients and dedication to obtaining fair settlements. The firm boasts an extensive knowledge of their area of practice, having worked on several important cases such as the landmark Hangarter and McGregor cases.

Ray Bourhis Associates have over 7,000 verdicts in their favor, many of which have dealt with catastrophic loss. Ray Bourhis has become notable throughout the country for their devotion to the rights of citizens affected by catastrophic loss. The firm has been featured on 60 Minutes, Dateline, and other nationwide media programs. The firm protects those affected by not only wildfires but also other natural disasters in California such as earthquakes and mudslides.

Those affected by these conditions can approach Ray Bourhis Associates for assistance during any step of the claim process: from filing claims to denial appeal and litigation. Ray Bourhis welcomes new clients who have been devastated with loss, denial, or underpayment by companies meant to protect them. Those with private, individual, or ERISA insurance policyholders can contact the firm to discuss their case.

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