Direct2WebTV Lake Orion, MI Launches Enhanced Five STAR Review Capture Process…

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December 3, 2018 Direct2WebTV Announces Service To Assist Small Business Owners Build Online Reputation With High Authority Five Star Reviews Acquired From Clients.

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“This is great news for small businesses said J.J. Bell President & CEO of Direct2WebTV Orion, MI; this process will greatly assist small businesses in: developing, marketing and managing a solid online reputation… a major component of a business reputation are reviews from their customers.

Bell says that the process addresses four main issues hampering the gathering of real Five-Star reviews for its client’s businesses:

· Afraid to ask for a review.

· Don’t know how to advise on how to write a review.

· Don’t know how they should instruct the writer where and how to post a review.

· Too busy to be bothered.

Having a minimum of a Four-Star reputation is essential in 2018/2019 and beyond or the business owner is at risk of being “thumped” by its competition. Ignoring online reviews and reputation is no longer a responsible strategy for a business, says Bell.”

Consider that in 2017 ninety-seven (97%) * of consumers read online reviews to judge a local business and decide whether to engage with them or not.

Today, an organization without six to ten Four & Five-Star online reviews will suffer a major competitive dis-advantage in the marketplace. Whatever the business niche is, i.e.: medical, construction, real estate, pizza shops or any other niche (all) that needs a great reputation to survive, the problem is the same… gaining enough online Trust, Credibility and Authority to dominate its competition.

The news here is that small businesses no longer need to view this as a major problem; creating a Five-Star reputation that projects Trust, Credibility and Authority in their online/offline marketing efforts is a lot simpler than they think.:

Whether a business is unaware it is losing business because of poor reputation, or simply ignoring this reality, its prospective customers are not, and they are constantly judging a business via online research.

News Flash: This problem is easily solved.

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*Source: Bright Local

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