Direct To Consumer Refinance Marketing System For Loan Officers Launched

Mortgage Growth System has launched a direct-to-consumer marketing system for loan officers which connects MLOs to warm homeowners looking to refinance at a price that's far cheaper than traditional lead purchase options.

Mortgage Growth System announced the launch of a direct-to-consumer social media marketing system for loan officers who want 100% exclusive refinance mortgage leads. The new online client acquisition program connects mortgage loan officers directly to customers looking for new or refinancing programs and taps into audiences who likely have not taken any action towards getting refinanced yet.

The big benefit of this is that there isn’t a big rate competition, and unlike other mortgage lead opportunities, the lender isn’t racing to be the first to call the lead or fighting for a deal by cutting their own commissions

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The mortgage digital marketing company has launched its new direct-to-customer home mortgage system to give loan officers access to new customers without relying on Realtor referrals and is great for MLOs who’ve already worked through their past-client database. Mortgage Growth System uses Facebook and Instagram to help loan officers generate high-quality qualified leads without broker or Realtor involvement.

Mass marketing strategies for mortgage loan officers often result in thousands of low-quality leads and non-qualifying prospects. Non-qualifying borrowers often do not meet first of the four basic loan underwriting criteria—credit score.

Mortgage Growth System runs 250 variations of Facebook ads to maximize lead generation and conversion plus advanced retargeting strategies that go beyond just these platforms to tap into YouTube, Google, Linkedin and 1000’s of other websites and platforms.

The system delivers qualified leads and warm buyers who are actively looking to purchase a new residential property or refinance their existing loan. The social media marketing system for mortgage loan officers automates several steps of the process of borrower acquisition including appointment scheduling and follow-up.

The online loan officer Instagram marketing system is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to cold calling, networking events, open houses, Realtors’ coffee meetings, and co-marketing systems.

According to a spokesperson for Mortgage Growth System, “We are excited to showcase our new mortgage loan officer online marketing system that leverages the reach and power of the two most popular platforms online—Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to helping loan officers generate a steady pipeline of warm prospects and attract serious clients with much less effort.”

Mortgage Growth System is a full-service digital marketing and social media advertising solution developed by experienced online marketer Brandon Robertson. The system has successfully generated more than 1,000,000 mortgage leads. The program is available as Done-For-You packages where the the agency does all the work or Done-With-You packages, where the MLO or in-house marketing person learns how to do this for themselves for an even more affordable approach.

For more information about generating mortgage leads on Facebook or Instagram, call or visit the URL above or search for Mortgage Growth System on the web.

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