Dion Borg plans to Launch Crowdfunding Project Hypno Makeover TV Show on Pozible

Hypnotist attempts to change the lives of ordinary people through the power of hypnotherapy in reality show?.

Brisbane, Australia – September 2nd, 2014 /PressCable/

Hypnotist attempts to change the lives of ordinary people through the power of hypnotherapy in reality show.

TUESDAY, SEP 02, 2014, Brisbane – Local hypnotist, Dion Borg, plans to launch the Hypno Makeover TV Show. Also known as Dizzy, the show will feature Dion Borg as he interacts with participants and “transform” their lives by applying hypnotic techniques on them. All advertising slots on the show are expected to donate to charity.

The reality TV show will document the success of three to six “regular people” after they undergo hypnotherapy and are divided into six episodes. It will be aired on Digital31. Borg explains the motivation behind his project on his crowdfunding page on Pozible, “I see truly talented wonderful people on the treadmill of life…Tortured by their beliefs, most of which they did not choose themselves. It's not their fault. So with the time I have left, I want to help as many people as possible. I want to demonstrate how powerful it is to release someone from the subconscious chains that holds them down, that holds them back and keeps them making the same poor life choices over and over again.”

Borg further states that everything that he does on the show will be documented. People who donate money towards the project will be offered unique rewards such as a Maltese dinner cooked by Dion Borg's mother herself, a chance to participate on the show and hire “Dizzy” as their personal “Evil Hypnotist” for the day.

Dion Borg has been performing comedy hypnosis shows all over Australia for the past five years. The hypnotist claims that his passion is driven by a troubled past which he also conquered through many years of martial arts training. The show is expected to be aired at the end of 2015.

About Dion Borg

Dion Borg, also known as Dizzy is a professional stage hypnotist based in Brisbane. As a certified Hypnotherapist his expertise lies in adding an interesting twist to traditional hypnotic techniques and adding a comical touch to them in the process. Borg loves entertaining crowds and mesmerizing them. The hypnotist has used the power of hypnosis to help a number of people overcome issues such as substance abuse, smoking, depression, anxiety, rocky relationships, phobias, career struggles, insecurities and even chronic pain. For more information on the project or to book an interview, please refer to the following details

Contact Info:
Name: Dion Borg
Email: dizzy@dizzymagic.com.au
Organization: Dizzy Magic
Website: www.dizzymagic.com.au
Phone: +61408716568

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