Dim Sum Recipes Just in Time for Chinese New Year

What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with some Dim Sum Recipes & knowledge! "Have Some Dim Sum" combines popular + authentic dim sum recipes along with a guide to dim sum. Featured on; Fox TV, The New York Times, Discovery Channel, etc.

Author Evelyn Chau is re-launching her popular dim sum recipe book “Have Some Dim Sum” for her 10th year Anniversary and to help people everywhere celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year (January 28) with some delicious and well-loved traditional, authentic, Chinese food. The book offers a full window into the world of dim sum, from recipes to table etiquette and the fascinating history of dim sum.

Dim sum is a traditional Chinese way of enjoying small plates of delicious items, which have become increasingly popular worldwide. “Whether it’s steamed, braised, fried or baked, dim sum is one of the tastiest fast food, or main course, around,” said Chau. “Dim sum can also be heart-healthy and low in calories due to the vegetables, no trans fats, and options to steam over frying.” Chau also explained that one of the reasons dim sum is so popular is the variety. “Dim sum is meant to be shared. One can sample many different textures and tastes in one single meal and that explains the long lasting interest in dim sum.”

The dim sum brunch concept evolved from ancient days when Chinese households prepared afternoon snacks for peckish landowners and matrons. Fast forward from 800 A.D., it’s now a great way of gathering family and friends together for an eclectic feast.

Imagine glistening pot stickers with shitake, kale, watercress; silky cheung fun with enoki, oyster mushrooms and cilantro, and other limitless options. Great classics with pork can be substituted with venison, elk and bison as well. Not only are game meats leaner, they offer a new taste sensation to a classic menu.

Since dim sum literally means “touch the heart”, Chau says it’s the ideal food to celebrate special days. “Chinese New Year, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays are perfect occasions to present your loved ones with a plate of dim sum you’ve made for them.” Have Some Dim Sum has easy recipes and do-it-yourself diagrams. It’s re-launching at the sale price of only $10 to celebrate its 10th year anniversary.

Have Some Dim Sum has been featured on: Discovery Channel, Fox TV, Kitchen Equipped, Vicki Gabareau Live!, Breakfast TV, CBLT Evening News, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Enroute, Hemispheres, and more!

Link to the book and $10 sale (delivered anywhere in North America): http://www.havesomedimsum.com/book/

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