Digital Smart Tape Measure With Mobile App For Results Tracking Launched

A company based in Maryland launches a revolutionary device designed to take body measurements digitally and store the data via a dedicated mobile app.

Bagel Labs launches a smart tape measure for fitness enthusiasts and other individuals looking for an innovative way to take body measurements. Designed to be highly accurate, the device referred to as PIE also aids users in achieving their goals by keeping a log of their results.

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The newly launched product still has the standard features of a traditional tape measure. Its fiberglass tape unrolls from its coral red housing, and can be held while in use through the built-in fastening gear. PIE, however, is also equipped with an OLED display, power button, and save button.

While taking body measurements, the device displays the figures in either inches, millimeters, or centimeters. After checking the reading, the user has the option of sending the record to their mobile device simply by pressing the save button. The data is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth LE.

The product’s app further expands the digital tape measure’s functions. The user can set a body measurement goal and track their progress through the application. The records are displayed in a visual manner to help provide additional motivation. The app also sends a notification once they have reached their target.

PIE boasts an accuracy of ±1/16 of an inch or ± 1 millimeter, so users can better ensure effective monitoring of their fitness routine results. Weighing only 67 grams, the device can be brought conveniently to any workout venue, whether indoor or outdoor.

The smart tape measure works continuously for up to 10 hours. When the battery has been drained, it can be easily charged through its micro USB port.

With their latest announcement, Bagel Labs endeavors to revolutionize the way people take measurements. They state, “Size is measured everywhere, from construction sites and garages to warehouses and fashion companies. And yet, we still use tape measures that are more than a century old.”

The company adds, “We at Bagel Labs believe that digitizing size data will bring so many possibilities for consumers and businesses in various industries to become more efficient and make better decisions.”

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Release ID: 88983185