Digital Productivity Tool Video Guide For Increased Business Revenue Launched

Stunning Clever, a leading supplier of productivity and organization guides, has launched a new video guide aimed at business and individuals who want to increase profitability through Evernote.

Stunning Clever, a leading supplier of organization and productivity guides, has launched a new video series on a unique tool aimed at businesses and individuals that want to work smarter, not harder, to increase productivity and revenue.

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The newly launched video guide is designed to help businesses and teams increase productivity and profits via an all-in-one platform that allows managers to run every aspect of a project or company.

The expert team behind Stunning Clever have spent many years researching alternative products, platforms and tools that offer a similar service to Evernote, but nothing compares. Evernote is designed to remember even the most complex of details – some describe it as a second brain.

Many people generate ideas on the go and can find it stressful to try to remember them, but Evernote easily allows internal teams to capture, organize and share ideas and thoughts with others. The new video series is aimed at helping businesses to get the most out of Evernote.

Many teams that work collaboratively on client projects or accounts will find the tool particularly useful as each member of the team can upload their ideas into one central place and Evernote will present it all when required.

Aside from team management, Evernote offers the facilitation of communication. Aside from saving notes and arranging them, users with access can scan, search and maintain data in one centralized place.

Remote access is available to all teams as standard, which is useful to organizations that work with freelancers, or from different locations such as home or even different countries. It can track goals, which is key to remaining focused and on target. Additionally, it offers a paperless option for businesses that are environmentally conscious or have green targets.

A company spokesperson said: “Many companies focus on growth targets, yet they are not running as efficiently as they could be. Evernote can change this by increasing organization, communication, productivity and ultimately, profits. Our new video series is designed to teach people how to get the most out of Evernote to become more successful and profitable.”

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