Digital Product Marketing Business Planning For Beginners Live Training Launched

Woolamai Media unveils a new live training event to help new marketers learn the basics of digital product marketing from the world's top digital marketers.

Woolamai Media has announced the launch of a new digital product marketing training session. Business planning live training event aims to instruct beginners on simple and effective techniques to help them join the affiliate marketing industry.

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The newly announced training event will teach prospective affiliate marketers to maximize their revenue and grow their business.

Research indicates that over 80% of brands have affiliate programs and the global online marketing industry is estimated to be worth more than $12 billion. Spending on affiliate marketing is predicted to grow 10% in the next few years. Affiliate marketing is found across all industries, from fashion to web hosting.

The upcoming marketing training event offers newcomers an overview of proven strategies to enter the competitive world of selling products and services online.

The live sessions offered during the event will see 7 of the internet’s most successful marketers share their knowledge to help beginners get started. Participants in the event will learn about selecting the right niche, choosing a good program, and planning a promotional strategy.

Woolamai Media states that determining the profitability of a product is vital for any marketer before they join a program, and the event promises to show attendees how to do that. The course will also cover customer acquisition, and nurturing techniques that help marketers attract repeat buyers.

One of the key benefits of the newly launched course is that it aims to help beginners start their career quickly while avoiding the pitfalls of the industry. The course focuses on effective and efficient methods to plan and build an online business that generates sustainable long-term revenue.

According to a spokesperson for the agency. “Affiliate Marketing allows you to enter a copy-and-paste business plan. Learning about digital product marketing and the various ways you can maximize your revenue will push your business to the next level.”

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