Digital Product Development Course: Professional Online Video Training Launched

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Eben Pagan announced the launch of a new expert digital product design and development video training program. The online course teaches students how to create high-value digital products and online courses and build and grow a sustainable online business from scratch.

A new professional online training by digital marketing expert and entrepreneur Eben Pagan has been launched. The Digital Product Blueprint course is a powerful resource that can make a big impact on the user’s life and allows students to create a 6-7 figure business teaching online.

More information is available at

The instructor Eben Pagan, is a prominent entrepreneur, mentor and marketing expert who shares his entire process for creating successful digital products and Blockbuster online courses. He bridges the gap between giving value, pitching offers and boosting course profits.

He takes students behind the scenes of creating a 6-7 figure business and passive income streams and guides them through the process of going from idea to reality. Eben Pagan shares 12 Blueprint tools and exercises that allow students to plan their online course and signature program or digital product, build momentum and move forward. Plus every 2 weeks Eben gets on a 90 minute coaching class with his students, working together to design & develop a winning course.

Students will learn how to successfully launch their digital products and increase their launch sales. The course features practical information and loads of valuable ideas and strategies that help students become excited and engaged as they create their own online business. Many users have managed to leave their 9 to 5 jobs and start an online business from scratch. Many decided to pursue their passions, work on something they enjoy and have created a high-quality information product.

The Digital Product Blueprint video training course has allowed many students to become digital nomads and live the laptop lifestyle in full control of their time and professional plans. Once they create their course, it does the teaching for them, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – giving them the freedom to do other things and create their ideal life.

This course is a total game-changer for many users: it has been an invaluable source of inspiration with personal and career growth that has allowed them to enjoy unlimited earnings. The feedback that the instructor has received from online entrepreneurs has been extremely positive.

Regardless of the choice of niche and industry, the Digital Product Blueprint Course empowers students to extract their knowledge and expertise, turn it into a digital product or online course and release it for profit.

A satisfied student shares, “ Eben Pagan helped me build a multi-million dollar digital course business that serves me and my personal goals as an entrepreneur. I decided to quit the constant hustle mode and create something of my own. I thought I was nowhere ready to create a digital course. Eben’s proven system helped me overcome my fears, refine my plans and marketing strategies and get where I am today.”

The course comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Interested parties can learn more about the course and save their spot at

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