Digital Marketing With Neuroscience For Customer Interaction Merger Announced

Neuromarketing firm Neural Experience has announced the merger of JayNine Inc. into its digital marketing team to create marketing for brands with biologically optimized user experiences.

Software and web development firm, JayNine Inc. has announced its recent merger into Neural Experience, an innovative neuromarketing firm that’s looking to revolutionize the industry by combining marketing with neurogenetics.

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The recently announced merger of JayNine Inc. into Neural Experience is part of the neuromarketing firm’s expansion of its in-house team. The Neural Experience team consists of several specialists, such as developers, brand builders, videographers, and copywriters. They implement modern neuromarketing techniques that create bespoke and unique marketing for their clients.

Many companies understand that the key to marketing is to create engagement that connects to a customer naturally and authentically. Despite knowing that meaningful engagement is vital, many businesses can struggle to develop effective marketing strategies and content that converts.

The difficulty of creating powerful customer engagement stems from the need for deeper insight and knowledge into the inner workings of the human brain to connect with them on a biological level.

Neural Experience can help companies bridge the knowledge gap with their team of neuromarketing experts who can develop biologically optimized user experiences for a client’s brand.

A neural experience, or NX, creates more in-depth and meaningful interactions between the brand and the customer. This connection can be used to drive revenue and give a company the ability to develop effective communications with its customers.

The neuromarketing techniques from Neural Experience can be implemented for a range of services such as developing a culture around a brand based on the neuroscience of brand engagement, designing a website and copy based on how the human mind works, optimizing conversion rates for sales funnels, and increasing online engagement across social media.

A recent Neural Experience client said, “Their development process is very concise and breaks big projects down into manageable pieces. I highly recommend NX and its top-notch team.”

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