Digital Marketing Platform App Business Builder Sales Funnel Service Launched

GroovePages is a marketing website and app that has been launched by Online Paradigms Digital Marketing Services of Ireland to provide the tools and support for people wishing to start up their own eCommerce business online.

GroovePages is a new reinvented web page and funnel builder that has been launched by Irish company Online Paradigms Digital Marketing Services (‘OnlineParadigms’).

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Celebrating its first public beta launch, GroovePages is a quality digital marketing platform that has now been released after much testing, tweaking and updating, to create a final bug-free version.

GroovePages is designed for everyone from the home hobbyist wanting to build a webpage and engage in some online marketing, to the business professional wanting an effective website and sales funnel to help in progressing their sales.

OnlineParadigms have launched their GroovePages digital platform primarily to support people who are interested in starting an eCommerce business with Amazon, which is a trusted worldwide company where the public go to purchase products online.

A range of complementary courses are provided on the new website with topics including: building pages, building lists, business leads, and Facebook advertising. Brand new marketing apps are available such as the GrooveSell sales and affiliate platform and the GroovePages page and funnel builder.

A spokesperson from OnlineParadigms stated that “Amazon makes it easy and fast to build a successful brand and business, although the piece that is missing is good training that enables one to learn and implement what is required to quickly establish and operate a business using effective automation tools.”

With the launch of GroovePages, links to the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course are also provided for the convenience of anyone wishing to learn how to start and run their own business selling products on Amazon.

GroovePages provides their marketing services with one reasonably-priced monthly access fee, offering a framework which allows pages and funnels to load more quickly than other similar apps. The page and funnel builders feature ‘drag & drop’ capability, new page templates are provided every month, along with unlimited web hosting, storage and bandwidth.

The GroovePages app was developed to integrate seamlessly with email autoresponders like GetResponse, and payment processors like PayPal or Stripe.

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Release ID: 88942969