Digital Marketing Kelowna Bolstered By Sayvee

Kelowna Digital Marketing Agency Sayvee has once again demonstrated excellence in marketing strategy with their latest blog post. For more information, please visit

In a recently published blog post, the local expert in digital marketing Kelowna Sayvee has once again demonstrated its expertise with digital strategy. Writing on the impact of mobile devices on the digital landscape in recent years, Sayvee’s newest post discusses the importance of having a responsive mobile-friendly website in order to rank higher in search engines. According to the post, in 2017, a website that does not have a mobile-friendly website is practically invisible to the ever-increasing masses that search the web solely from their phone or tablet.

This is far from Sayvee’s first foray into digital strategy on its blog — other recent posts discuss the importance of measurement and analytics in digital strategy, including the importance of maintaining consistency in business listings, and measuring accurately to set a baseline upon which site changes can be based. But this latest post is impactful because it is geared towards what is perhaps 2018’s largest looming shift: the transition from mobile-friendly digital marketing to mobile-first. This is a trend that all agencies, including those practicing in digital marketing Kelowna, must be wary of going into the closing months of 2017.

Sayvee once again got to show off its expertise in the field during a presentation last week at a local networking group, wherein they connected via Hangouts with their Google representatives. It is rare that local businesses have the opportunity to directly ask questions to Google representatives about their marketing concerns, so the Sayvee presentation was a huge hit with attendees. It is just this kind of knowledge of their client base and dedication to good service and transparency that Sayvee offers as a digital marketing agency in Kelowna. Many Okanagan businesses have benefitted from their vast knowledge and resources over the course of 2017, and many more stand to do so in the coming year.

For more information on Sayvee and the digital marketing services they offer, as well as to view their blog, please visit or see them in person at 203-1455 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2A3.

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