Digital Marketing Company Launches New Website to Help Gila Valley Restaurants

ABOUT EMI: Extreme Marketing is an independent marketing agency offering digital marketing services to local businesses.Dedicated to going above and beyond for their clients, Owner Evan Bustamante believes in providing innovative services that create growth for local businesses in the age of technology.


Safford, Arizona

Extreme Marketing Innovations is excited to officially announce the launch of, a New Directory Website designed to promote local restaurants during the Covid-19 crises. This platform will provide diners with one central place to connect with their favorite restaurant while giving them a chance for coupons, free meals and other prizes in their Facebook Group.

This directory website is a highly anticipated marketing tool for the Safford and surrounding areas and was designed with local restaurant owners in mind.

Extreme Marketing Innovations built the Gila Valley Restaurants Directory to provide an online home for community event and resources information, as well as a free restaurant listings directory for prominent local restaurants that want to be found online by customers looking to spend their money locally .

COVID-19 hit businesses hard, especially local restaurants that do not have big advertising budgets such as corporate and franchise chains.

“I wanted to provide a way for the hardworking restaurant owners in the Gila Valley who don’t have the marketing budgets or digital marketing know how to get their restaurant exposed to wider audiences by putting it in front of the right people, right in their area. I’m excited to watch our local restaurants grow with this new marketing tool.”

Evan Bustamante, Owner Extreme Marketing Innovations

The platform connects diners with their favorite local restaurants in one central place. You can search for local restaurants and see their hours of operation, location, phone number, etc. Find restaurants offering online ordering, takeout, delivery, and more then you can see their menu and order directly from the site.

The official launch date for Gila Valley Restaurants is April 27, 2020 and we invite you to visit us and Become A Supporter to learn more about how local Gila Valley Restaurants can be helped to keep their doors open and employees employed. #LoveLocal

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