Digital Marketing Agency SchaumburgSEO now Offering ADA Compliant Websites

Many businesses want to make sure that their websites are ADA Compliant so that they are accessible to all who’d like to visit them. SchaumburgSEO can help make this happen!

Schaumburg, Illinois-based SchaumburgSEO, has built a remarkable reputation in helping its clients achieve their goals through diverse digital marketing methods and optimized website creation. Always with their thumb on the pulse of local needs, SchaumburgSEO recently announced they have expanded their catalog to now include the creation of American with Disabilities Act-compliant websites. The demand for ADA compliant websites is rising all of the time as businesses strive to make their online presence easy to navigate for all who visit as possible. The enthusiasm surrounding the new website option from the firm is high.

“We strive to provide our clients with accessible websites that all groups of people can access – regardless of their challenges,” commented Ryan Ciran from SchaumburgSEO. “We understand what makes a website ADA compliant and can incorporate all of these factors and much more in a compelling web presence.”

According to the firm some of the key points an ADA compliant website needs to meet includes using the correct graphics so as not to possibly trigger seizures in people with certain conditions; providing alt-text that describes images; making sure the website’s fonts are simple and easy to read; ensuring the site is keyboard and pause friendly; and code the website with standard HTML tabs. SchaumburgSEO also strives to stay on top of any ADA compliance additions or changes to address or incorporate them right away.

Other in-demand services offered include top-ranked Search Engine Optimization aimed at getting clients on the first page of Google; Conversion Rate Optimization; Online Reputation Management; Real-Time Social Media Analytics; Keyword Optimization; Social Media Ads; and much more.

The firm is happy to offer a free consultation to discuss potential projects and how they can exceed expectations.

SchaumburgSEO has over 15-years of experience in customer service, something which is always a top priority with the company. Its SEO and website design clients are a healthy mix of local, national, and international businesses and organizations, all of whom have given the firm, consistent positive feedback.

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