Digital Investment Platform Liquidity Transformer Feature For Users Launched

An online investment platform has been launched aimed at early adopters and savvy investors who want to utilize a system that duplicates the functionality of CDs but with better terms and ROI.

A new investment platform has been launched designed to duplicate the functionality of a certificate of deposit (CD) that is used within the banking industry. The team behind the WISE Token platform explain that it differs from traditional investment platforms as it offers potentially better terms, interest, and return on investment.

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The newly launched platform is aimed at savvy investors who want to utilize new and emerging technologies to leverage their investment advantage when compared to late adopters. Advantages of the platform include features such as the liquidity transformer.

WISE Token and its team explain this component of the WISE project enables them to generate a main liquidity pool for its users. It is an ownerless liquidity pool, which means people can buy or sell in quantities that they are comfortable with.

Comparable to a bond or CD, the team say the key difference between WISE Token and these traditional options is the fact it gives its users complete flexibility over when they want to withdraw their funds. However, they add that it is most like a bond in the fact it earns relatively high interest.

In addition to the new platform, the team have announced a referral incentive program that aims to encourage people to share news about the platform. People interested in joining the program can find out more information and secure a personalized referral link via the URL provided.

It is a one-level referral system that is designed to reward both the referrer and the new member as it supports the liquidity pool. Additionally, referral bonuses are also available for active members.

A spokesperson said: “Trusting your money in the custody of other humans is inherently risky. This glaring flaw in traditional financial instruments is a primary motivation for developing the platform. We aim to ensure all users can always be in full custody and control of their WISE Token investments, even during various economic activities and uncertainties.”

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Release ID: 88985166