Digital Human Avatar Spokesperson – Automated Video Marketing Solution Launched

An innovative new video marketing solution has been announced, called Human Synthesis Studio. It provides entrepreneurs with authentic, human-inspired spokesperson functionality through a cloud-based tool.

A new video marketing tool has been announced, called Human Synthesis Studio, utilizing cloud-based software and lip-sync technology to increase engagement. Businesses can create unique videos powered by pre-written scripts to connect with visitors when they land on their company’s website.

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The new service announcement provides businesses across a variety of sectors with a simple way to create and publish video content at scale.

Clients begin by selecting their avatar, which is known as a “Humatar” because they’re based on real humans. From there, they simply have to write a script and choose their background, which can be a video, still image, or a pre-defined color.

Once these elements have been finalized, they can create their video seamlessly. Business owners are then able to use the video content on their website, social channels, and any online destination where they want to increase audience engagement.

With the effects of the ongoing pandemic still being felt around the world, more entrepreneurs are seeking ways to stand out from their competition. Human Synthesis Studio is designed to help clients in any niche increase brand awareness and outperform their rivals.

The creators explain that this is a unique technology that provides access to multiple real voices in over 40 languages. Businesses can therefore reach a wider audience because their content is not just accessible in different countries but actively appeals to consumers worldwide.

Because the Humatars are based on real humans, they have lifelike facial movements that maintain the look and feel of authentic conversation.

A key benefit for business owners is that Human Synthesis Studio is a fully cloud-based solution. The platform can be accessed and utilized from anywhere with an internet connection.

Furthermore, it has a simple editing interface, which enables even those without tech or editing experience to create attention-grabbing visual content. Business owners can automate their video message creation process and are no longer required to film themselves speaking on camera.

A spokesperson states: “Hiring a spokesperson for your videos can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, depending on the actor you hire. Human Synthesis Studio can save you time, money, and potentially open lucrative opportunities for you.”

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