Digital Goal & Habit Tracker Printable Business Planner Collection Launched

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A new digital planner has been launched by Janice Designs, helping customers to track and achieve their goals. It features over 85 printable pages to keep people on track and on schedule through their personal, business and social life.

A new, specially designed 85 piece life planner collection has been launched by Janice Designs, helping more people to plan their life, achieve their goals, and make this year their best year yet. It has custom pages to help customers control their life and their time, achieving their goals in the most effective way.

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Janice Designs is a site that offers a range of printables, organizers, and life planning tools to help customers achieve their goals. It is also home to a variety of tutorials based around the products and techniques available.

The site explains that customers are able to use the planner to get clarity, improve focus, and take control over their busy life. Customers get over 85 printable planners and a digital format that means they can take these with them wherever they go.

In the package, there are five cover pages to choose from, and it also includes a vision board, resolutions for any year, and a goal overview planner for any year.

In addition to this, customers can benefit from a plan of action section, goal tracker to keep them on the right pace with their habits, weekly planners, daily planners, and project planners.

One of the most popular features is that there are tools for planning social media, which is so important in today’s connected world. This includes a blog post planner, video post planner, and more.

Other elements include financial planning, health and fitness planning, brainstorming pages, inspiration and motivation pages, traveling sections, and persona sections with a focus on achieving personal goals and journaling.

Planners like this are a great way to improve organization, track achievements, and enhance productivity through time tracking.

A recent customer said: “Janice’s combination of beautiful artwork and creative structure make this planner live up to it’s name. She made sure to include any possible templates needed to create the upmost level of organization for so many different aspects of daily life.”

Those wishing to find out more about Janice Designs can visit the website on the link provided above.

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