Digital Fundraising For Non-Profit Sector – AI Machine Learning Event Announced

Halifax, NS-based Fundmetric has announced a one-day conference on May 18th. Fundraising AI showcases the latest research and education on using AI for non-profit donor engagement.

Fundmetric Incorporated, specialist AI technologists for the non-profit sector based in Halifax, NS have announced a virtual one-day conference in conjunction with Acadia University. Fundraising AI will take place on May 18th and offers a full program designed to educate charitable organizations about AI and how updating their digital operations can both facilitate and fund their philanthropic work.

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The event offers a comprehensive program of education and resources for those interested in applying AI technology within their non-profit operations. Experts in the field will be sharing their experience to help attendees harness the latest technology to attract donor support and retain it over the long term.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the simulation of the human mind within a machine. Through state-of-the-art technology, AI can mimic the actions and responses of its human counterparts including learning and problem-solving. According to Gartner, 15% of customer interaction across all sectors is now handled by AI.

Attendees can learn about digital transformation and AI opportunities. Other topics covered include a segment on diversity, equity, and inclusion within non-profit AI, as well as the latest research from leading academics and industry figures.

Conference tickets enable enrollees to attend every session on the day, as well as access to networking rooms and meetings. Proceedings commence at 9 am – Atlantic time, with closing remarks at 4.45 pm.

The Fundraising AI conference is organized by Dr. Greg Lee, assistant professor at Acadia University. The event features a talk from Google’s manager of product and AI – Micah Berman among other experts.

Fundmetric Incorporated is a dedicated team of software engineers, data scientists, and administrators. From its headquarters in Halifax, NS, the company is committed to providing a platform that facilitates digital growth for charitable organizations, increases donor engagement, and retains support through the very latest in AI and machine-learning technology.

A spokesperson says, “Fundmetric is changing the way charitable leaders adopt and leverage AI by making behavioral data meaningful and actionable.”

Through the upcoming Fundraising AI conference, Fundmetric Incorporated affirm their commitment to educating and facilitating the digital development of non-profit organizations through the latest AI technology.

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