Digital Citizenship Test: Cyber-Risk and Digital Skills Assessment Launch

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The DQ Institute has launched a Digital Citizenship Test - DCT - which seeks to measure individuals’ digital citizenship and engagement in order to assess risk factors for online threats to their health and well-being.

The DQ Institute has launched a new Digital Citizenship Test (DCT), an online/mobile test to help individuals identify their digital citizen “type,” to show how ready they are to use technology safely and responsibly.

The new Digital Citizenship Test can be found at

The DQ Institute has introduced the test in order to establish new ethical standards for individuals, particularly children and teens, by modeling for them the characteristics of a responsible digital citizen, in order to better protect them from threats posed by the Internet.

Risks differ greatly by nation, according to studies, and the level of harm caused by these risks is dependent on a number of factors, including children’s adaptability, family support, and digital abilities. According to the DQ Institute’s Child Online Safety Index, 71% of 8-18-year-olds across 30 countries have experienced at least one cyber risk including cyber-bullying, technology addiction, and risky content/contact.

Individuals who complete the DCT assessment will see their digital citizenship score compared to national and global averages. The results are intended to help people, and children, in particular, understand how they can improve their digital safety and well-being.

The DQ Institute identified five types of digital citizens showing different patterns of digital skills, technology usage, and cyber risk exposure. The Carefree Citizen, for example, feels more comfortable online than offline and is likely exposed to various risks. The DigiLog Citizen, on the other hand, is a well-rounded digital citizen who balances online and offline lives and uses technology purposefully.

The findings based on 190,400 selected samples across more than 100 countries indicate that more than 50% of children around the world have a low level of digital citizenship skills – skills that are essential for their online safety, and further digital readiness.

DQ Institute was founded by Dr. Yuhyun Park, a world-leading expert in digital skills and safety. The organization is a think tank focused on setting global standards for digital empowerment, safety, and wellbeing.

“Many parents and teachers ask when they can give their children smartphones or allow them to use social media. This simple test will allow the parents and teachers to better support their children to become confident digital citizens who can mitigate cyber-risks,” said Dr. Park. She added, “The DCT will help not only children but also adults understand their type of digital citizen which enables them to understand the strength and weakness of their digital skills in safely and responsibly use technology.”

The new Digital Citizenship Test can be found at

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