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A newly updated digital asset management service has been launched by Wedia. The expert team provides a seamless cloud-based solution to streamline and improve marketing and ad campaigns across teams.

Wedia has launched a newly updated digital asset management (DAM) service for clients seeking to optimize their marketing and communications across sectors. They have a reputation for creating excellent technology and IT solutions to ensure clients deliver the best content experience for their customers.

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Wedia provides clients with a 100% cloud-based service and modular software solution that allows them to improve efficiency and streamline marketing campaigns.

Their digital asset management service allows clients to manage, share and repurpose all of their digital assets. This includes photos, videos, and all other marketing-related content in a unique and easy-to-access media library.

Quality content is a huge advantage in the current marketing landscape. With DAM services, clients can resonate with their consumers, improve their brand awareness, and increase sales in a more fluid and seamless way.

Digital asset management helps to eliminate the cost of lost work, while accelerating production cycles. By providing clients with a complete picture of all media, the DAM systems on offer from Wedia can maintain a solid brand consistency.

In today’s market, brands face a major challenge in the running of their campaigns. It’s difficult to regain full control over the management, organization and distribution of their content while embracing the rapid pace of marketing transformation.

The team states: “Wedia’s Digital Asset Management module has been designed with one simple idea in mind: be a central hub for all media, making it easy to manage millions of assets across teams, channels and markets every day.”

The service is designed for clients who want precise control over their assets. The Wedia DAM module allows clients to easily customize approval workflows, prevent license misuse, and ensure all content published is tracked and recorded.

The cloud-native module comes with a range of benefits for businesses in any niche. This includes a Single-Source-Of-Truth asset library, easier content discover, and more consistency across every campaign.

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