Digbeth Birmingham Preventive Sports Massage Advanced Mobility Class Announced

Protune Sports Therapy launched a new series of sports massage advanced mobility classes for students in Digbeth, Birmingham. The professional sports massage centre helps athletes reach peak performance through training techniques which have been selected based on a meticulous and rigorous investigation of evidence.

Protune Sports Therapy, a professional sports massage centre based in Digbeth, Birmingham, announced the launch of a new series of advanced mobility classes for those who want to learn how to perform basic maintenance stretches and exercises on themselves. The owner of Protune Sports Therapy, Fiona Prochowski, is a member of the Society of Sports Therapists and has extensive experience treating a wide range of patients, from those suffering of acute traumatic soft tissue injuries to those who have chronic and degenerative conditions.

More information can be found at http://www.protunetherapy.com.

The classes are designed to provide students with the tools needed to maintain, rebuild and continue forging an active lifestyle. During this training, they will manage to improve the body’s natural movement, alleviate pain and prevent injury before training sessions.

In these advanced mobility classes, students will learn the importance of healthy joint mobility and movement in their daily life. With the help of Fiona, they will learn how to prevent injuries and how to rehabilitate themselves back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.

When completed regularly, the classes will give students the opportunity to assess their own movement limitations and expand upon their current ranges of motion. The classes will further help students increase the range of motion at each of their joints, while also building strength and control within that newly acquired range. As such, they will know how to prepare their joints for the movements they will undertake within future training.

The information and techniques learned here will not only help one move better in everyday sports and activities, but is also essential to long term, sustainable joint health. For this reason, the class is perfect for athletes or persons who have a very active lifestyle and who want to increase their movement capacity, strength and performance.

According to the centre’s official website, “Our aim at Protune Sports Therapy is to get you back to full functional fitness as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst minimising the risk of re-injury. Each client is treated as an individual case in order to design a specific plan to suit each client’s needs.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or calling +44-7875-405455.

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