DID Drug and Alcohol Dual-Diagnosis Mental Health Residential Facility Opened

A new personalized addiction rehabilitation program has been launched for nationwide clients. This holistic approach provides individual care with residents routinely treated by therapists, addiction specialists, clinical psychologists, and medical professionals.

A new nationwide personalized addiction and drug rehabilitation service has been launched. This holistic, person-centered treatment approach utilizes the traditional 12 step model, psychotherapy, and medical services. Patients benefit from DID dual diagnosis treatments for drug and alcohol addiction.

More information can be found at: https://utahaddictioncenters.com

Treatment is personalized to the individual’s specific needs and combines emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. This personal approach quickly empowers patients with essential knowledge, support, and tools to overcome addiction issues and maintain a positive and healthy life.

This progressive residential center has the capacity to host nine behavioral process groups, 23 education groups and up to three one-to-one sessions each week. Residents are routinely treated by master’s level therapists, addiction specialists, clinical psychologists, and medical professionals.

They can develop effective rehabilitation programs to those suffering drug and alcohol addiction, detox, sex addiction and eating disorders.

The first step consists of a primary care phase in the first 30-days of treatment. This is the time to obtain psychological testing, stabilize, develop awareness, and create an individual plan to achieve each resident’s goals.

The process then moves on to the extended care phase. This level of care continues to address deep-seated problems and finalizes residential treatment as the process of stepping down into outpatient and aftercare.

Aftercare is a vital part of the program, as it’s fundamental in creating the desired life-long recovery and wellness. Individuals are encouraged to actively participate in at least 12 months of aftercare, which includes alumni support groups and any-time group sessions for life.

One successful approach adopted to overcome family issues is family therapy. In family therapy, the person experiencing difficulties is not the only one that is treated. Often the casualties of addiction, mental illness, and other conditions are the family members and friends closest to those who are struggling.

Family therapy allows the family to come together and receive treatment, making sure all issues are addressed, and everyone is given the proper tools for healing.

The aim of the program is to provide the highest level of treatment and care at the lowest possible cost to those suffering drug addiction problems anywhere in the USA. This highly successful program is ranked as one of the best nationwide.

Additional information is provided at: https://utahaddictioncenters.com/drug-addiction-mental-illness.html

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