Diamond Painting Square Round Custom Kits Crafting Supplies Products Launched

Diamondxpres launches an updated line of beautiful diamond art patterns from various image categories. They also provide custom diamond painting templates.

Diamondxpres, a company based in Hawaii, launches an updated collection of diamond painting kits for crafters interested in trying out a soothing hobby or starting a brand new project. The kits come with either round or square diamonds, and are available in a wide array of sizes.

The company has put together a guide for choosing among the available canvas sizes at https://www.diamondxpres.com/blogs/news/what-size-diamond-painting-should-i-buy.

The newly updated collection endeavors to provide a relaxing activity that could mean hours of fun for individuals and families. A hybrid between cross-stitch and a jigsaw puzzle, diamond painting is as easy as picking up the diamonds and placing them on color-coded spaces.

Diamondxpres has more than 1,200 diamond paintings readily available in their store. Some of the popular image categories are animals, beach, cars, fantasy, house, princess, roses, scenery, sunset, and waterfall.

For those who are looking to immortalize an image and turn it to a unique 5d diamond painting, the company also offers custom kits. They simply have to send the photo via email and Diamondxpres’ staff will take care of converting it into a template and shipping it complete with the necessary supplies.

Regardless of the option that customers pick, the kit will come with their chosen picture printed on an adhesive canvas and the round or square drills. Diamondxpres also provides the diamond painting, pen, pasting glue, gem tray, and tweezers. Outside of these standard inclusions, they sell additional tools separately.

To generate clear and consistent images, the company uses a state-of-the-art laser jet printer in producing the diamond art templates. They also pair them with high-grade resin diamonds to ensure customer satisfaction with their products.

One of their previous customers states, “I love Diamondxpres! Their 5d diamond painting kits are amazing and I was blown away by their awesome customer service. I’ll be back time and time again for sure.”

Individuals who wish to learn more diamond painting techniques can access the company’s article at https://www.diamondxpres.com/blogs/news/a-helpful-guide-to-diamond-painting-techniques-tips-tools-and-framing.

The company also shares tips via their video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d87TwHk8kR8&feature=youtu.be.

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