Diagnostic Skin Scanner Observ Offers Early Detection

A recent study published in Allure magazine reveals that scientists now know that skin cancer is specifically caused by mutated melanocyte skin cells — clinical diagnostic devices like Observ could potentially be the key to early detection and treatment. Learn more at www.observ-diagnostic.com

According to a new study in Allure magazine, scientists have pinpointed one of the specific identifiers of skin cancer – an abundance of melanocytes in the skin, activated by dangerous ultraviolet light rays emitted by the sun. The activation of melanocytes by the sun’s UV rays causes the melanin in the skin to mutate, which gives sunbathers the tan they so desire, however, it’s not without potentially harmful effects. Scientists have recently discovered that this mutation is what causes skin cells to be susceptible to the development of a tumour, so the bottom line is that sun-damaged skin is far more susceptible to malignant melanoma than healthy, SPF-treated skin.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way for people to tell whether sun damage is lurking below the surface of the skin, because in most cases, damaged skin looks normal from the outside. Rather, it is the cellular damage that appears underneath the dermis that reveals the damage, but there are few ways in which the everyday sunbather can know whether they are at a greater risk.

Enter the Observ Diagnostic device.

Observ is a revolutionary portable, diagnostic skin scanner that uses trueUV nonharmful ultraviolet rays to see beyond the surface of the skin. This harmless, diluted version of UV rays allows clinicians to peer beneath the dermis and reveal underlying damage. Then, this damage can be visually demonstrated to clients via digital representation in a convenient app. Finally, this imaging can be used to map clients’ progress, tracking the results of clinical treatment from session to session.

Coupled with these new scientific findings about the potential cellular predisposition for skin cancer, the Observ technology could be the first point of detection for serious melanoma. And as everybody knows, when it comes to skin cancers and other dangerous underlying conditions, early detection is key for effective treatment.

For more information about the Observ diagnostic device, interested parties can visit www.observ-diagnostic.com

Source: Allure Magazine

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