Diabetes and Obesity Study Reveals Emulin Lowers Risk

iGalen has published a new case study on Inflammation, revealing surprising data on how Diabetics and overweight people solved the problem of blood sugar control and weight loss.

iGalen has published surprising new data in their latest case study. Designed specifically for Diabetics, and overweight people, this case study provides a real-world look at the challenges facing Diabetics and many overweight people and how those challenges can be overcome.

Interested parties can download the case study on the Journal of Medicinal Food website: http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/abs/10.1089/jmf.2012.0069

The case study contains credible sources that provide reliable information that can be used to make important health decisions. This concrete example of success documents the steps taken by diabetics and overweight people to find an effective solution for blood sugar control and weight loss.

Among the information included:

Managing refined carbohydrates – Emulin

Diabetes – managing blood sugar

Inflammation – reducing inflammation

Time Magazine of inflammation said,

The Secret Killer: The Surprising Link Between Inflammation Heart Attacks, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and other Diseases…

Emulin®, acting as a benevolent Sugar Chaperone, Emulin® escorts carbs / sugar along the 7 major metabolic pathways helping the body process these sugars more efficiently and healthfully. Effectively gaining control of weight, high blood sugar, obesity, or metabolic syndrome requires management of each of these pathways. Unlike traditional medications, herbal remedies, or supplements, Emulin® is the ONLY product formulated to address and impact each of these key steps.

Pathway #1: Insulin Release – Emulin encourages slow, healthy release of insulin when the body needs it allowing for greater utilization and thereby reducing high levels of blood glucose.

Pathway #2: Starch to Sugar Conversion – Emulin goes to work when eating. It buffers the enzymes that break starches down into glucose. Less sugar is released from food and absorbed by the body.

Pathway #3: Glucose Absorption – Emulin reduces the “glycemic impact” of food, by reducing the flood of glucose from the gut into the bloodstream after a meal allowing less glucose to circulate in the body.

Pathway #4: Glucose Tissue Uptake – Once sugar is in the blood, Emulin helps move it into tissues, such as muscles, where it provides energy and muscle growth.

Pathway #5: Fat Formation – Emulin acts as a “traffic cop” directing sugar away from fat stores and into muscle tissue. It signals to increase metabolism to help burn even more fat.

Pathway #6: Glucose Homeostasis – Emulin helps maintain a healthy balance of blood sugar so it doesn’t spike too high or dip too low.

Pathway #7: Insulin Sensitivity – Emulin promotes increased insulin sensitivity so less insulin is needed to lower blood sugar.

Those who need help with blood sugar control and weight loss are invited to review more information directly at: http://www.igalenscience.com

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