D.I. Auto Care Now Offers Spray-on Ceramic Coatings in Ahwatukee Phoenix Area

D.I. Auto Care has been in business for over 34 years and has a 5-star rating on Google and Yelp, they are open 7 days a week to better serve their clients in the Ahwatukee Phoenix AZ area.

D.I. Auto Care is proud to offer a Spray on Ceramic Coating to protect your vehicle from the harsh Arizona Sun and keep your vehicle looking like new 365 days of the year. Ceramic Spray Coating are tiny glass-like particles of Silicon Dioxide suspended in a resin. This gives your car a truly durable seal and a glass-like finish.

CERAMIC SHINE is a quick way to get the effects of a ceramic coating. Applying a traditional ceramic coating takes hours of careful application (sometimes by a professional). Doesn’t Wash Away: Ceramic-based Sio2 Creates a Glass-Like Layer Over Your Car’s Surface Saves Time: Applying a Ceramic Coating Takes Hours of Careful, Meticulous Application (And Is Recommended By a Professional). The Spray-On Formula Takes Minutes and creates a Glass-Like Shine: Designed to Draw Out Vehicle’s Clear Coat.

Ceramic coatings also offer up to 12 months of protection: Once the Sio2 Dries, It’s Not Prone To Be Degraded By Elements and leaves a beautiful new car shine.

Carol Guisinger – (Bath,US) Says “Shines like a brand new car!!This is, by far, the easiest and best protective product for your car EVER!! A fellow Charger owner told me about the Ceramic Shine, and I love it!! It is so easy to apply—-I used the decon wash first to make sure it was ready for the Ceramic Shine—–and the application was super easy, quick, and the car looks fantastic!! I always hated using traditional wax because of the mess and time involved. This is so easy, and looks so great, I’m looking forward to it! I even had comments from the neighbors while I was applying it as to how great the car looks. I am happy beyond words!!”

Michael Tolerico – (Pittsboro, US) Says “Applied ceramic spray two weeks ago and just did a quick wash and the shine is great and water just beads off…Ceramic spray works awesome!!”

Dave Sutherland – (San Jose, US) Says: “What’s better than fabulous !I washed the car and then applied the Ceramic Shine. It was easy to apply and buff and took me only about 30 minutes or so. I hate to take it out where it might get dirty but I want to take it out to show off the beautiful shine and rich colors. WOW!!”


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