DFY Survival Kits/Bags – Camping Trip Outdoor Emergency Supplies Range Launched

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Outdoor gear website Survivalist HQ announces the availability of high-quality emergency equipment, ranging from readymade bug-out bags to long-lasting dried food manufactured by leading brands.

Survivalist HQ, an online outdoor gear retailer, has announced the launch of a new range of emergency equipment on its website. The portal serves as a one-stop survival shop for adventure enthusiasts and security personnel.

For more information, please visit http://survivalisthq.com

The new announcement from Houston, Texas-based Survivalist HQ makes high-quality survival equipment such as emergency food rations easily accessible at an affordable price.

Survival kits typically consist of basic tools and supplies to be used in case of emergencies like accidents or natural disasters. Hikers and campers are advised to travel with this equipment. Planes and boats are also equipped with survival kits to cope with unforeseen events.

Survivalist HQ gives individual and corporate customers the opportunity to build their own survival kits. The online store offers a comprehensive collection of emergency equipment from top brands. The products are designed to help customers survive all kinds of adverse situations from being stranded at sea to being stuck in the wilderness.

One of the company’s most popular products is a bug-out bag. The backpack contains vital tools, including a fixed-blade survival knife, an adjustable flashlight, and a lensatic compass. The loaded backpack is carefully designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and provides quick access during emergencies.

Survivalist HQ also sells vacuum-sealed dried food with a long shelf life. Packaged in waterproof buckets, these food items are also available in vegetarian and gluten-free options. The store also offers food products for specific purposes like three-day camping trips.

Customers looking for knives and swords can visit the portal to access a large selection of award-winning blades. Upscale camping gear such as rugged apparel and binoculars is also available on the website. In addition, Survivalist HQ also sells hunting gear, including crossbows.

Survivalist HQ consults industry veterans to make sure that it stocks only the most reliable equipment. With the new announcement, the company aims to ensure that customers are well-equipped to survive outdoor emergencies.

Additional information about the products offered by Survivalist HQ can be accessed at https://survivalisthq.com

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