DFW MLS Offers Database of DFW Real Estate for Sale No Real Estate License Required

The Real Estate multiple listing service or MLS for short, is the database where licensed Realtors go to find the most accurate DFW Real Estate listings. DFW MLS offers this unique home search free of charge to consumers in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

/PressCable/ — Dfwmls.org is a multiple listing service database that's both accurate and open to people in search of DFW Real Estate.

Most multiple listing services for DFW real estate are only good resources for the licensed real estate agents who have permission to use them. Not so for the well-respected DFW MLS, which not only provides updated and accurate information on homes available in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but also is open for use of normal home searchers in addition to real estate professionals. This equals a leveling of the playing field and gives home searchers access to the most recent information quickly and easily.

“We believe people deserve to have the most accurate up to date home listings out there,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Through dfwmls.org, people searching for homes in Dallas Fort Worth now have access to the same information as licensed real estate agents and we believe that is a good thing for everyone.” Says Terrence of Tiffany Neal & Co. LLC

There's clearly a need for a database like this that's open to the public. Other sites that allow normal home searchers access to their listings like Zilliow and Trulia have been rightly criticized very broadly for not providing accurate information or for being updated very regularly. On the contrary, dfwmls.org has been met with enthusiasm from home searchers who appreciate having access to such a powerful tool while house shopping, that they can count on to be fresh and up to date.

Recent home buyer Ramone S. recently said in a review of the site, “I have to thank DFW MLS for making my search for a home in Dallas go so much smoother than it could have. I tried using other sites and it was really frustrating and being at the mercy of a real estate agent doesn't fit so great with my personality. I was able to find the perfect house on my own at the right price. I'm not sure if I could have done that without DFW MLS's help.”

Dallas Fort Worth has a very active and exciting real estate scene with homes covering a wide range of price points. DFW MLS also operates a very active blog where local trends in real estate and news is followed and discussed. Combined with the database this has made the website an invaluable tool for local and out of state people looking for a new home in Dallas Fort Worth including mid cities like Arlington, Grand Prairie and Cedar Hill Tx.

This new site also caters to real estate investors providing advanced searches for foreclosed and pre foreclosure homes in addition to short sales. Investors and normal home consumers can both take advantage of email alerts. As soon as a new house comes on the market, an alert is received with detailed information and photos giving real estate searchers a leg up on the rest of the public.

The interactive search function on the site allows homes to be filtered by location, minimum and maximum price, number of beds and baths and other options. This can significantly cut down on the amount of time searching for a home by not wasting time looking at homes that are not matched well with the potential buyer.

For more information about the database, to ask any questions, make any comments or search for a home visit dfwmls.org or call 972-808-0010.

Website: dfwmls.org

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