DFW Disaster Relief Nonprofit Small Business Water Damage Restoration Launched

Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief offers free water damage restoration services to Dallas small businesses. The DFW nonprofit has launched a fundraiser and welcomes partnerships to meet the need for certified water remediation services after the devastating snowstorms.

DFW disaster relief nonprofit Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief announced the launch of water damage restoration services for small businesses affected by flooding and broken pipes after the recent snowstorm. The organization also announced a fundraising effort to help local Dallas businesses affected by blackouts and snow conditions.

More information about Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief is available at https://bit.ly/3ruyqfL

The Dallas-based disaster recovery specialists now offer free water damage restoration and mold remediation services to small business owners affected by flooding caused by burst pipes. Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief welcomes donations and industry partnerships to prevent any more property damage.

All proceeds of the fundraiser will go towards helping under-insured winter storm victims with water damage restoration. Donors can choose to make a one-time or monthly contribution and direct their donation towards damage restoration or processing costs.

Texas Public Utility Commission officials have resigned from their positions following criticism over life-threatening power outages while one of the state’s electricity providers has filed for bankruptcy. The loss of power for more than 48 hours has impacted local businesses in and around Dallas, causing millions of dollars in damage, leaving SMBs in urgent need of certified water remediation services.

Professional water removal and damage restoration services cover drywall and ceiling water damage assessment, water extraction, debris removal, drying, and mold remediation. In some cases, demolition of damaged structures and reconstruction may be necessary.

Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief provides free water damage repairs to Dallas business owners and residents who rent or lease properties. Their services include fixing broken pipes, mold remediation, and the restoration of ceilings, walls, and flooring. The fundraiser is to expedite water damage restoration across the state and prevent additional losses.

Visit https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=RFTDZB7XV55TQ to donate.

According to a spokesperson for the Dallas winter storm damage restoration nonprofit, “We welcome donors and partners to lock arms with Texas to expedite the process of water remediation for small businesses. We seek to remedy the shortage of certified water damage restoration professionals and look to help Texans get back on their feet.”

Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief is a Dallas-based nonprofit whose founders have more than two decades of experience in professional disaster recovery services.

Call 214-997-3676 or visit https://bit.ly/3v91gV9 for more information about water damage restoration services for Dallas businesses.

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