Developmental Reading For Children 2+ Academic Learning & Growth Video Launched

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An early childhood learning and reading video has been launched by Reading Head Start. It showcases how reading from as young as two years old can set children up for a brighter academic future.

Reading Head Start has launched a new video showcasing the importance and benefits of reading to kids from a young age. It is aimed at parents wondering when to start reading to their children, because leaving it too late can put children at risk.

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All of the information provided in the video is scientifically verified, helping parents to make more informed decisions about reading to their children. It underscores a proven method that can have kids reading better than children two to three years older than them.

The video features Sarah Shepherd, an English teacher of 14 years, and mother to three children. It showcases a completely simple, proven and effective method for improving the reading ability of children all across the country.

It is guaranteed to work for children of any age, even as young as two. Even if they can barely recite the alphabet, and even if they show zero interest in reading currently, the method can work for them.

Following the method for even a short space of time can create a radically improved academic future for any child. Research shows that how successful children become in life can be rooted in the development of their early years.

For this reason, reading to children from a young age is highly important. It’s crucial that parents make it a priority, because it also has a range of other benefits for the kids.

Reading develops improved language skills, as reading exposes children to a wide vocabulary and a range of different topics. This means that they are more likely to hear words and language that they wouldn’t otherwise encounter during the day.

This exposure to new words exercises the child’s brain, and helps to improve their concentration. It also helps to foster and encourage a thirst for knowledge.

Full details of the method and its benefits can be found on the URL above.

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