Detroit Mi Distressed Property Buyer As-Is Real Estate Investor Service Launched

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Cash For Michigan Houses of Detroit, MI has just updated its direct home buying service. The real estate investor buys houses as-is, even those that need repairs or are behind on payments.

Detroit, MI-based Cash For Michigan Houses announces the launch of its updated all-cash home buying service. The real estate investment company, purchases properties from homeowners that are looking to sell there house as is and avoid the hassle and uncertainty of working with agents.

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This updated service helps homeowners, who are no longer be able to pay their mortgage payments due to financial difficulties brought about by the current pandemic. By bypassing the traditional means of selling a house, clients can liquidate and receive payment for their property much sooner.

Industry statistics show that it takes an average of 56 days for a home to sell through the usual listing process. Cash For Michigan Houses notes, however, that this might prove too long for sellers who are already behind on mortgages and might face foreclosure.

The biggest advantage of selling to a real estate investors like Cash For Michigan Houses is that it purchases properties as-is. This means that the firm will buy a house regardless of its current condition as long as it meets certain investment criteria.

Hence, sellers do not have to renovate their homes or conduct repairs just to attract buyers, especially if they do not have the money to do so. Moreover, it allows transactions to be completed much sooner, with home purchases typically closing in just seven days.

As the home buying process does not involve a real estate agent, sellers also do not have to pay any commission. Therefore, all proceeds from the sale will go directly to sellers, which they can use to plan their move or secure new housing.

To take advantage of this service, interested parties can call Cash For Michigan Houses to get a quote on their property. If they agree to this offer, the company will begin the purchase process immediately.

Cash For Michigan Houses is a leading local real estate investor whose goal is to give overlooked properties a second lease on life. For its excellent service, the firm has been featured in national media outlets such as Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, and The CW.

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