Detroit MI Custom Print On Demand Service For Brands 24 Hour Production Launched

Detroit, MI based specialist printers CustomCat has launched a new print on demand service for items such as hats and T-shirts. It is aimed at brands that want a fast, high-quality print service.

CustomCat, a specialist commercial printer based in Detroit, MI has launched a new print on demand service that offers production within 24 hours. The new service is aimed at brands and individuals that want a fast, high-quality, and reliable print service.

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The newly launched print on demand service helps brands and individuals produce personalized items such as T-shirts, hats, or even face masks, with their own designs on them. This can be used as merchandise or a way for companies to generate revenue.

Advantages of print on demand include the fact that customers can expect to receive faster shipping times. CustomCat can generally supply customers in neighboring states in around two days, although this may be dependent on shipping delays within the postal service and times may be longer for customers based further away.

Print on demand allows for the fulfilment of orders to be automated, meaning suppliers do not have to allocate time to manually order products through a warehouse. While some printers are only able to offer customers a limited selection of custom printable items, CustomCat has thousands of products to choose from including hats, mugs, and shirts. All items are stored within a warehousing facility, which means they are immediately available for printing.

Aside from brands who want to sell merchandise, customers interested in making money online by selling their designs printed on T-shirts and other items may find this service useful. It gives people the freedom to sell personalized products at a price that is effective for them.

A company spokesperson said: “Anyone starting an e-commerce store is recommended to carry out extensive research before beginning as there are a number of different models and options available. If customers have any questions after completing their research, we at CustomCat are happy to try to answer them.”

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