DetailGreenUSA is saving the Ocean one Car Detail at a time!

San Diego Car Detail service DetailGreenUSA is helping to save water, reduce pollution, and keep your vehicle looking its best. They perform Car Detail and Car Wash packages as a mobile service throughout San Diego County.

A San Diego Car Detail company is focused on water conservation, preventing water pollution, and educating the public on how to safely clean your car without creating excessive run off. DetailGreenUSA( based out of San Diego, CA is well aware of the negative impacts that washing your car can have.

Josh Vanderwaall, Owner of DetailGreen grew up as a surfer on the beaches of San Diego. “I’ve always loved the ocean but noticed my friends and I would get sinus infections mostly during the winter months after going Surfing.” says Josh. Although San Diego doesn’t get as much rain as other parts of the country, the wet winter months would flush out all of the oil, dirt, trash, etc.. from the roads onto the beaches of San Diego causing polluted waters and at times, closing beaches due to harmful amounts of contamination.

DetailGreenUSA was started back in 2005 to help work towards a solution to reduce water run off all while providing premium Auto Detailing services. DetailGreen is able to perform a complete car detailing service using less than a gallon of water. That is about 1% of the water used in comparison to a person washing their vehicle at home which can use up to 100 gallons of water. “Just knowing that every car detail we do can potentially save a hundred gallons or more of water is pretty amazing.” But being eco friendly isn’t the only driving force behind DetailGreen. “Although we are passionate about the ocean and helping to keep it clean, we are also passionate about cars. My love for cars started at a young age with older muscle cars. Using the best products and safest practices on our customers vehicles is equally as important.” Josh speaks of the cars his company has been called out to fix due to improper detailing practices. “We have fixed a countless number of cars with buffer induced swirl marks, holograms, and even burned paint.” Detail Green uses only the best Dual Action polishers that replicate the motion of a hand polish or hand wax just at a much faster speed.

The team at DetailGreenUSA has worked on cars ranging from the daily driver to exotic vehicles valued at upwards of $500,000. “We treat all of our customers the same” says the Owner. “Every car we touch is treated as if it were our own vehicle. Although I will admit, we take some extra time just enjoying working on some of the classic and exotic vehicles.” DetailGreenUSA is a mobile car detail service which allows their customers to simplify their day. Instead of driving to a car wash center, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more for often times sub par results, DetailGreen will go driectly to your home or office and perform the car wash or detail service allowing you to get other things done. Josh also notes that “We enjoy taking the time to answer any questions and help to educate our customers on how to properly clean and maintain their vehicles without the use of excessive water.” DetailGreenUSA has been serving San Diego for over 10 years. If you would like to reach out to them you can do so by visiting their website They also have a blog that discusses some proper detailing techniques if you would like to do so on your own.

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