Despite Impacts of COVID-19, Hankinson Electrical Delivers Reliable Services

Hankinson Electrical has announced that their top-rated team of electricians will continue their services across the local region of Brisbane after Government COVID-19 restrictions.

Electricians are essential service providers that are not affected by some restrictions like curfew and cessation of movement.

Importance of Regular Electrical Inspection

There are so many benefits that companies and homeowners can achieve by exercising preventative upkeep of electrical accessories and appliances. It can help boost industrial performance for the case of a production company or an industry. It can also help ensure standard levels of safety. Homeowners can also keep their families and property safe by signing up for regular electrical inspections.

Hankinson Electrical understands that electrical issues can’t wait. The company’s team of dedicated and well-experienced electricians is committed to offering their top-rated services even during the COVID crisis. They also understand that some electrical issues can be disastrous, and the earlier a professional electrician attends to them, the better.

1. Compliance with standards

Every state in Australia has safety standards that every company must comply with to keep workers safe. Every employer has to arrange for regular electrical service maintenance. That helps lower the risk of electrical issues that can trigger fires.

Employers in Brisbane are also required to organize electrical safety training programs. These programs help educate employees about the existing electrical safety standards.

Compliance with the existing standards and regulations is mandatory. Not having an in-house professional electrician does not count as an excuse for violation. Companies in Brisbane that don’t have an in-house professional electrician can outsource these services from Hankinson Electrical at an affordable price.

2. Employee safety

Employers are responsible for ensuring employees’ safety. No matter how tech advanced a company is, it needs human labor for it to be operational. There are things that only humans can handle. Preventive electrical services help keep workers safe from accidents like electrocution and other injuries that result from frayed wires and insulation breaks. Improper grounding can be impossible for non-professionals to detect but can put workers at risk. To avoid electrical accidents and ensure workers’ safety, companies must sign up for regular electrical inspections.

3. Equipment Safety & Performance

Regular electrical maintenance in an industry is of utmost importance in preventing electrical and equipment failures. Electricity is not like a plumbing system where people can detect a glitch by just a visual inspection. Signing up for regular electrical inspection and maintenance is the only way that companies in Brisbane can practice preventive electrical inspection that is highly beneficial.

A regular electrical inspection can help reduce operating costs. For instance, repairing a wiring issue that could be causing motor overheat is cheaper than replacing the entire equipment. Electrical issues like loose connections that many people ignore when left unattended can be responsible for performance decline and safety hazards. Other minor electrical problems like overheating and short circuits can cause a fire and put the security of workers and the entire establishment at risk.

Routine electrical inspection services can help detect the existence of potential hazards. Companies in Brisbane can get a free quote for regular electrical inspection services from Hankinson Electrical for free.

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