Designer Recommends Astrid & Miyu Jewellery to Complement Work From Home Outfits

Astrid & Miyu ear cuffs, earrings, huggies, and necklace recommended as essentials for professional women using Zoom every day to connect with their colleagues and customers. Designer Emma Wallace believes that while working from home, jewellery can make a strong statement and is a mood-booster.

During these strange times of quarantine where more professional women are having to work from home, fashion designer Emma Wallace, has made a case for businesswomen and entrepreneurs to continue to wear their jewellery at home to make them feel more confident and work focused. The British born, Hong Kong-based fashion designer and her creative team are keen to recommend incorporating very stylish, yet understated, jewellery pieces from their Astrid & Miyu range available on the Emma Wallace website. Learn more about the Astrid & Miyu ear cuffs, earrings, huggies and necklace available in the Emma Wallace store.

Using Zoom has now become the new norm for communicating face to face with business colleagues, clients and customers. But although you may be only visible from the waist up during your Zoom calls, designer Emma Wallace explains that your clothing, hair, make-up, jewellery and posture is how you show everyone who you are and is an important part of the strong statement you want to make.

Just about every work-from-home tip you read these days will say to dress as you normally do when going into the office. However, with the focus now being put directly on the top half of your body during your video calls, Emma stresses that now more than ever, you need to be ready for your close up! The British born designer believes that what you wear while working from home is important because your clothing, hair, jewellery and make-up is a real mood-booster, so you need to wear what will make you feel confident in front of the camera.

Emma Wallace is best known for her innovative, feminine and contemporary ready-to-wear fashion pieces offered through her online store, but she wants to highlight that more emphasis should be put on the jewellery you wear at this time. She is keen to recommend accessories that complement your outfit without overpowering your overall look. Find out more about Astrid & Miyu ear cuffs, earrings, huggies and necklace on the Emma Wallace website:

The designer believes, “Most professional women will wear jewellery every day, and our jewellery pieces are part of who we are. Our favourite jewellery can give us a sense of stability and protectiveness during these times of uncertainty. However, choosing the right pieces that don’t distract the people you are communicating with during your Zoom or other video conferencing calls is important.”

Astrid & Miyu earrings and jewellery offer a style that’s brimming with confidence. The jewellery company has quickly become renowned for their unique range of stackable studs, hoops and very wearable pieces to complement your less-is-more look and to create a strong, contemporary feel for your work-from-home Zoom conference calls. View the collection here:

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