Designer Homes Perth Presenting at Perth’s HIA Home Show

Designer Homes Perth today confirmed that they will be appearing at the Home Industry Association's Show, "The Smart Ideas Home Show", on Sunday the 1st and Monday the 2nd of March 2015.

Designer Homes Perth today confirmed that they will be appearing at the Home Industry Association’s Show, “The Smart Ideas Home Show”, on Sunday the 1st and Monday the 2nd of March 2015.

The HIA Home Show will be held at Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, and is the biggest event for Perth homeowners building and renovating with over ten thousand visitors annually.

“The HIA Home Show has been growing year on year, with over 14,000 renovators visiting in 2014, and it will be a privilege to appear at their Ask An Expert Stand this March,” said Kris Aird, Director for Designer Homes Perth. “As a Design Consultant for DHP I work very closely with all of our clients on residential home designs. In our work we specialise in custom, boutique and luxury designs where our clients have very specific design needs and requirements, so I will be happy to offer advice, discuss options and suggest ideas to visitors to the show.”

“For example, one of our successes is in good usage of block/land space and orientation while creating an open plan indoor/outdoor layout that compliments the lifestyle of our clients, which is a popular topic in Perth. Due to the increased costs of land and building, and the fact that block sizes are becoming smaller, a thorough knowledge of the Residential Building Code is also a major part of our home design process in order to create designs that will be practical, attractive, have the best use of indoor and outdoor spaces while meeting all of the R-Code requirements and design codes on their first visit for Shire approval.”

“My role at the Show will be to try to assist people with free advice for maximising their property value, whether that means building, renovating or refurbishing. I will be available at the ‘Ask the expert’ stand, with the goal of giving useful and, most importantly, workable design advice to visitors for their specific building projects. It is often the small ideas that can make a big difference, and I hope visitors will find some of these valuable as they enter the next stage of their building development.”

“A large part of our design process at Designer Homes Perth is getting to know our clients and their lifestyle/needs so that we can tailor the house to their particular requirements.  We go to great lengths to understand exactly what our client’s expectations are so that we can fulfil them.  The fact that we are also Property Developers in our own right means that we have a very hands-on understanding of the building process and the pitfalls that can come with it which we try to eliminate during the design process.”

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