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Designer handbags influence the way the modern woman sees herself as well as the way in which see is viewed by others.

Seattle, USA – September 29th, 2014 /PressCable/

Designer handbags and purses have long been a trademark of the rich and famous and continue to be an ever strong conversation among women all over the world. A big topic on any given week in the fashion world is which celeb was seen carrying what designer bag during the week.

The handbag a woman carries can be a strong indicator of opulence, style, taste and discretion. For those women who do not command a true position of opulence, carrying the same brand of designer purses as those we are can be a way to identify with women of true opulence whom they view with admiration and respect.

Handbags have become an official part of the modern woman's garb, and women especially pay close attention to such things as handbag styles, colors and brand names. Expensive purses that carry famous designer names can significantly elevate a woman's status without so much as one spoken word.

Owner of, an online designer boutique says “the purse has become such an important part of the modern woman's official apparel, we are seeing significant jumps in the demand for ownership of multiple name brand designer handbags and purses with each passing year. One bag used to suffice, but the fashion houses, paparazzi , and women themselves have contributed to the notion that one is not nearly enough. We have clients who own several of them, one for any given occasion, and they regularly come back to obtain more.”

Some of the more popular designer purses lines are Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Judith Leiber to name a few. Designer handbags come in such a great variety of colors, styles, shapes and styles, women can have great fun shopping for them and coordinating them with clothing and other accessories.

These days the sheer variety from which women can choose designer bags makes personal preference and taste big factors in choosing designer bags.

Name brand bags can be used to definitively make a fashion statement and more. Whether a woman is the First Lady in the White House, or a high school student on campus, someone is bound to notice, and evaluate the handbag she is carrying.

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