Designer Asta Jakubson Launches Report On The Perfect Dresses For All Body Types

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Creator of Asta Fashions, Asta Jakubson, an international award-winning fashion designer, has released a report featuring her latest tips for choosing the perfect dress for each body shape. She stresses that there is a style that favors each woman.

The renowned stylist exhibited her most recent collection during a photoshoot at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year. International models and actresses such as Tatiana Yakusheva from Russia and Arianna D’Urso from Italy & Klio Loizou from Cyprus could be seen donning her creations.

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Sharing her new collection and ways on how to enhance every body type, Asta hopes to show women that high fashion is for all.

The secret, she says, is to work with what one has. A few of her tips include how to look taller and slimmer by wearing long maxi dresses with a train of some sort.

For those with issues in the mid-section, Asta recommends using a style that gathers on the sides to camouflage the area.

The stylist also points out that adding a short topcoat or wrap can help someone with what is known as a pear-shaped body to appear elongated. If one’s shoulders are larger than the hips, using more volume on the bottom portion will balance out the look.

Finally, wearing a headdress, hat or crown will add visual height to the outfit.

Recently, after tragically losing her mother to the current pandemic, Asta created a clothing line that protects the user from EMF (electric and magnetic fields) of energy.

The products are manufactured with 99.9% silver fabric, which she feels serves as a shield for the body.

According to the designer, studies have shown that silver ions protect from harmful electromagnetic waves and aid in preventing the cold, flu, and other viruses.

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About Asta Fashions

With over 20 years of experience in providing haute couture and innovative fashion solutions for its clients and fans, Asta Fashions certainly knows how to deliver.

As a third-generation dressmaker in her family, Asta, the creator, shows skill and attention to detail in all her pieces. Because of this, she has also won multiple awards for her design abilities.

This year, as a result of her outstanding work, Asta received the high honor of being appointed and certified as a member of the Designer Section of the Empire Of Madani Organization.

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